Today, August 17 is National Potato Day!

And in South Dakota, we love our potatoes as this is 'meat and potato' country here in the midwest.

But what if I told you that South Dakotans have a favorite potato dish that 'tater tops' the list? (Get it?)

According to Zippia, South Dakota's favorite way to eat a spud is in the form of air-fried potatoes.

Air fried potatoes? Turns out as long as the potato goes in the air fryer and gets all crispy wither cubed, halved, or simply chopped up is how we South Dakotans prefer to get our intake of the potassium loaded vegetable.

You can't go wrong eating this style of potato with either ketchup or sour cream in my household!

Of course, a majority of other states, 20 to be exact, said that they preferred fries but what topped the fries list in the form of seasoning or cut of fries varied greatly depending on the location.

Crinkle cut fries and waffle fries curly, garlic, steak, and shoestring were varying forms of fries that made the list.

Although I have to question what is up with Iowa? They choose onion rings as their favorite potato??? Hm someone might want to look into that further.

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