Podcasts have become an easy informational and insightful resource for multitasking people.

You can learn something new just by listening and get some household chores done all at the same time!

But in the state of South Dakota, apparently, we have a favorite podcast that we prefer to listen to.

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According to The Waycroft, Google search data, and Apple Podcasts, South Dakota's favorite podcast is Code Switch.

What is the Code Switch podcast about? Well, fun fact, Code Switch wasn't always a popular podcast.

"Starting as a blog in 2013, it was turned into a podcast by NPR in 2016. It dissects race and culture issues across the country, such as how the Hawai’ian language nearly died, how young adult fiction is covering race and oppression, and whether it’s true that dark-skinned people are more protected from the sun. Although it has been running for four years, it became one of NPR’s top-ranked podcasts in the wake of events comprising summer 2020"- The Waycroft.

Favorite Podcasts Across The US

Eight other states agreed with South Dakota when it came to Code Switch also being their favorite podcast to listen to; Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, West Virginia, and Oklahoma.

However, as a region, the midwest preferred a podcast called The Mark Levin Podcast.

Minnesota's favorite podcast was an interesting choice, Dying for Sex. North Dakota's preferred podcast was Call Her Daddy and Iowa's is Pardon My Take.

Source: The Waycroft

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