Spending time with my family is always super important to me, especially around the holidays.  Even though things are different this year, the one thing that has not changed is my family's cooking.  From the main dishes to the desserts, everything is to die for!  Their holiday treats really can’t be beat, especially the Christmas cookies!

Christmas treats are actually the favorite of many individuals across the country.  It's the time to eat as many as you want before those New Year's Resolutions kick into high gear...for about a week (haha).  With so many yummy Christmas goodies available, it's so hard to choose just one! It sure is a delicious challenge though!  Believe it or not, each state actually has its own favorite Christmas treat.  Our friends at Zippia did some research to reveal the most popular Christmas treat in every state.

What's the most popular Christmas treat in South Dakota?  It has sugar, spice, and everything nice...sugar cookies!

Zippia reached its conclusions based on Google searches in every state.  According to Zippia's results, the most popular Christmas treat in most states is cake.  Specifically in nine of the states, cheesecake is the cake of choice.  Sounds a bit too cheesy to me.

Zippia also discovered 20 states love cake and cannot get enough of it during the holidays.  12 other states just want candy and 10 states agree with South Dakotans on the Christmas cookies.

Here are the most popular Christmas treats from some other states located in the Midwest:

Nebraska: York Peppermint Patties

Iowa: Oreo balls

Wisconsin: Andes Peppermints

Illinois: Chocolate Santas

What's your favorite Christmas treat? Do you like to bake these holiday goodies with your family?

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