People have noticed the odor Rapid City to Sioux Falls, from Lemmon to Jefferson, from Summit to Edgemont.

There are folks in Mitchell that have gotten the 'sniff'. Deadwood isn't immune from the awful aroma. Boaters and fishermen in the Northeast part of the state and shoppers in the state capital.

From time to time, they've gotten a whiff of that awful smell. In fact, it's oozed out of the state and has made its way from coast-to-coast.

What is it? Mask Breath.

You're wearing a mask thanks (I mean NO THANKS!) to the Coronavirus and you've noticed a rather, uh, bad smell.

It's your breath. And you're not alone. According to a CNN report, the Academy of General Dentistry says up to 80 million of us have it: Bad breath. And wearing the mask has suddenly made us aware of it.

Now, the report says that before you pop in a mint to take care of it, you might want to know the 10 real reasons why your breath smells as bad as it does. The fact is, it could be a sign of diseases or other conditions. And some of those could be serious.

So that bit of an obnoxious odor you've detected, particularly over the last several weeks? Yep, it's you.

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