With all the modern technology today, there are certain old school things that should stay. One of them is being requested by certain teachers in South Dakota.

And this item is in fact "old school." It's been in classrooms since the beginning of time.

We are talking about the good old chalkboard. Remember all the knowledge we learned from our teachers as they spelled it out with chalk in hand at the blackboard in front of the classroom?

You take the chalkboard down, and it's not the same. KOTA TV reports that high tech professors are fighting for blackboards.

Math and Computer Science associate professor Larry Pyeatt says he and many others in his department at the School of Mines & Technology in South Dakota have a strong bias toward the old-fashioned chalkboard. So when plans were made to remodel the department's home, McLaury Hall, there was some anxiety.

Saving the chalkboards and a part of the past is still up for discussion.

Source: KOTA TV

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