Look for the South Dakota State Marching Band in The 2022 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Parade starts at 8:00 CST and will be broadcast on NBC and the Peacock app.

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Members of 'The Pride of The Daktoas'  arrived in New York City this week to prepare for the parade Thursday. According to social media, they have also been having a great time taking in the sights before getting ready to march through the heart of the city.

Band director Kevin Kessler said that the band has been in the Rose Parade in California twice, and the inauguration in Washington DC twice. It was time for the band to take its talent to the Macy's parade.

Kessler says that this was the first time the band had summited to the Macy's event. Nine bands were selected out of 100 entries.

Where can I watch SDSU in the 2022 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?

The Macy's Parade will be broadcast on NBC (KDLT in South Dakota, ch 46.1 or channel 5 on Midco cable) and stream live on the Peacock app.

The band first got word in early 2020 that they had been chosen to represent South Dakota in the iconic New Youk City parade in 2021. Then COVID happened.

There wasn't a traditional parade in November 2020, and the bands that were planning to be in the parade that year were pushed to 2021 when SDSU was originally supposed to march.

So, the 2021 bands were pushed to 2022 and now we look forward to cheering our fellow South Dakotans on.

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