South Dakota music teacher is in hot water after his mom bogarted his special brownies.

According to Dakota News Now, 46-year-old Michael Koranda had recently taken a trip to Colorado (where recreational marijuana was approved by voters and not sabotaged by their governor and supreme court). He picked up some THC butter while he was there.

Koranda made a batch of brownies with half of a pound of the THC butter to enjoy later. Koranda's mother, whom he lives with, didn't think he would mind if she brought the brownies to the senior center card game that day. She probably should have asked her son first.

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The Bon Homme County Sheriff's office was called after numerous attendees to the card game complained of side effects and thought they had been poisoned. The responding deputy realized that the senior citizens were actually tripping balls.

From there, it didn't take long to figure out that there had been brownies that everyone feeling side effects had eaten and where they came from.

Koranda, a music teacher in the Bon Homme school district, was arrested and charged with felony marijuana possession.

While it isn't cool to dose people with weed without their knowledge, he wasn't responsible for that, thus only the possession charge. But the possession charge shouldn't be a thing either because we the people of South Dakota voted to approve recreational marijuana in November 2020. But Governor Kristi Noem ordered a like-minded sheriff to sue the state to contest the constitutional amendment on the grounds it pertained to more than one subject.

Single-subject amendments became the law of the land after an amendment passed in just 2018.

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