If you are a millennial and were thinking that the grass would be greener somewhere else you could be right. But not many places are better than here at the moment.

A study by Zippia.com found that South Dakota was the 44th worst, or 8th best state for millennials to live in. The study included all fifty states and the District of Columbia, which was the worst place in the entire country to live.

Factors that determined what was best and worst were the unemployment rate, rate of home ownership, percent of people living below the poverty line, and the average amount of student loan debt.

South Dakota benefited most from it's very low unemployment rate of 4.2 percent, only Iowa (4.1%), Utah (4.1%), and North Dakota were lower, and a pretty high rate of home ownership at 42.63%.

Utah was the best place to live in the study followed by Iowa, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Idaho, and South Dakota.

After D.C. the worst places to live for millennials were Georgia, New York, Florida, North Carolina, and California.

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