2020 was a ridiculously stressful year for a lot of people. COVID-19, politics, civil unrest, and another stinker season for the Vikings, caused people more stress than they have dealt with before. But South Dakota isn't as poorly off as others.

According to a OnePoll survey, a vast majority of Americans said they are feeling stress like they never have before the pandemic. 57 percent of people said they are more stressed out more than they ever have been in their entire lives. 72 percent said 2020 was the most stressful year of their entire lives.

The top five stressors for Americans right now are:

  • Lack of savings 38%
  • In the current state of the country 35%
  • In the upcoming presidential election 30%
  • Living paycheck to paycheck 29%
  • Worry about their loved ones getting infected and becoming sick with COVID-19 28%

As for the most stressed-out state in the country, it isn't South Dakota. Not even close.

Missouri tops the list of most stressed-out states in the country. They were followed by Mississippi, West Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, and Vermont.

South Dakota was among the least stressed out states in the country. But two of our neighbors are apparently more relaxed than other states.

Iowa is the least stressed state in the country, even with a massive natural disaster hitting farmers hard in 2020. Nebraska was the second least stressed state. South Dakota was tied for third with Minnesota.

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