The dating app Hater uses what people hate to match them up. So if you're looking for someone else that can't stand coffee from k-cups, that's probably the place to look.

When the folks at Hater crunched their data and focused on the food that people don't like. In that sea of swipe-based findings they discovered that the upper-Midwest really has a problem with beans, quinoa, tapas, chili peppers and cheese plates.

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Minnesota is apparently full of bean haters.

freshly cooked green beans in bowl
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People in Iowa are sick of the Food Network telling them how good quinoa is.

A quinoa, black bean and corn salad dish
A quinoa, black bean and corn salad dish.  Getty Images

North Dakota is very much anti-small plates of food with it's stanch no tapas stance.

Tapas Bars
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My home state of Nebraska disappointingly doesn't like chili peppers. Really Nebraska? Come on! Chili peppers are the basis of every good food. They are the black t-shirt of food, they go with everything. Eggs, all meat, potatoes, any vegetable is improved with chili peppers. I'm pretty sure that at this point my body is 48% chili pepper. Chili peppers, tomato and cheese are the basis that the greatest food in the world is built.

FDA Issues Warnings On Jalapenos, After Salmonella Found In Pepper
How can you not like that?!?! So beautiful, so delicious. Getty Images

Speaking of cheese.

South Dakota just loathes expense cheese plates. Well, I guess in The 605, if it's shredded and in a bag, or sliced and wrapped in plastic, we don't want anything to do with it.

A plate of alm cheese
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Looking at the whole map from Hater, I think that people's food dislikes are more based on some other issues in relation to the choices on the app. I didn't know that there was a plague of tapas in our northern twin. Or that the Quad Cities were drowning under a wave of high-protein plants.

I don't know what's up with Minnesota though. You hate beans? Beans? You'all know they are magical. So you hate chili, refried beans, black beans and rice, red beans and rice, baked beans, and all manner of soups? Really? What are you eating? It can't be all rotting fish and tater tot based casseroles. Oh and coffee! Coffee comes from beans too!

To be honest, a dinner from a big dish made up of beans, good cheese, chili peppers and quinoa all mixed up and topped with tater tots would be soooooooooooooo good. it could even be served on some of the small plates I have leftover from a birthday party.

Source: Huffington Post, Hater

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