Gun rights advocates are preparing for a showdown in Pierre:  a veto battle over carrying guns inside the State Capital Building and Concealed Carry anywhere in the state without having to get a permit. Governor Daugaard has promised to veto both.

Governor Dennis Daugaard, his supporters and many in law enforcement say Constitutional Carry (HB 1072) is a bad and believes there is a good system in place with concealed-carry permits already and getting rid of that would lead to people carrying and hiding guns that shouldn’t.

I think we’ve got a permitting process that’s very simple, easy and cheap.  One of my staff was curious on how long it would take her to get a permit processed.  She went to the Hughes County Courthouse, submitted her application, came back to the office before her lunch hour was up three days later her permit arrived in the mail.


Another gun bill, House bill 1156, would allow people with enhanced permits carry weapons inside the capitol.

Representative Greg Jamison of Sioux Falls says Sioux Falls city council meetings have better security than the state capital building:

We had solid security in that building, controlled access, law enforcement on site.  In this (Capital) building, it seems like we're fish in a barrel.  There are so many places somebody could come in and do whatever they might want to do.  I'm in favor of having some protection on the floor being a legislator who is in that fish bowl, having the opportunity to protect myself.

Jamison says tighter security would be another alternative to carrying guns inside the capital:

The other option would be if this building were more controlled with better security.  It’s almost like if they’re not going to provide better security, then allow me to provide better security for myself.

1072 and 1156 will be debated on the Senate floor early next week.  Governor Daugaard says he’ll veto both.  Sponsors of the bills say they believe they may have the votes needed to override those vetoes.


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