Today the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission unanimously passed the change to the deer draw system that forces applicants to choose one season to apply for in the first draw.

No more will you be able to apply for an East River tag and a West River and Black Hills tag. You can pick one, reducing the opportunity for people to draw tags.

The GFP estimate is that it would remove 12 percent of applicants from the East River season, 25 percent of applicants from the West River season, 48 percent from Black Hills, and 73 percent of muzzleloader tags.

This will help muzzleloader the most. It's not going to practically help East River at all. For Black Hills and West River it will open up some opportunity but it won't help with the high demand units.

On paper this looks great and that it will really increase opportunity for people who aren't drawing now. But when you break it down to the individual units these percentages are going to be all over the road and an increase in chance is not likely for some units, especially East River.

What this will do most of all is remove the opportunity for people to have first draw tags both East and West River.

You can listen to the railroading of the proposal here.

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