The South Dakota Department of Health released the new numbers of coronavirus cases in the state and most of them are coming from the most populous county.

The number of cases of COVID-19 rose to 187, a change of 22 new confirmed cases. 14 of those cases were found in Minnehaha County, bringing the total number of cases to 68. A total of 15 patients in the county have recovered after three more were reported

Two more cases were also found in Lincoln County, bringing the total count there to 19 with two having recovered.

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Codington County, where Watertown is, has two new cases for a total of 8. Single new cases of the virus were found in Brown, Meade, Roberts, and Yankton Counties.

So far a total of 17 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19. That number reflects anyone who was hospitalized and has been released.

On a positive note, 12 more people have recovered from the virus for a total of 69.

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