It's hard to believe that many people have not been working at their office for over a year.  Their homes have become the place where they work and play.

Some people actually do miss working at a desk and experiencing office camaraderie among co-workers.  However just because they miss being around other people doesn't necessarily mean they miss their co-worker's habits.

Our friends over at Zippia recently conducted a survey to ask over 1,200 workers across the United States what behaviors they find most annoying about their fellow co-workers.  Some individuals indicated laziness, always late for work, or gossiping way too much. What's even more shocking is that 57% of employees have actually considered leaving a job because of an annoying co-worker.

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South Dakota worker's biggest annoyance with their co-workers?  Well, I'd have to whisper this answer to you.  It's meant to be a secret.

Co-workers in this state are just too loud.  In fact, Zippia's survey found that a majority of the United States cannot stand loud co-workers.  This could include actions such as talking on the phone, chewing your food, or even just routine activities at your desk.

When it comes to the most annoying co-workers’ habits in workplaces throughout the Midwest, it's kind of a mixed bag.

  • Iowa: Being negative or a pessimist
  • Minnesota: Bad at their job
  • Wisconsin and Illinois: Too Loud
  • Nebraska: Laziness

Zippia also found other common behaviors that could annoy some people in the office.  They include:

  • Being rude or disrespectful
  • Smoking
  • Lies
  • Social media
  • Always talking about their children
  • Making personal phone calls
  • Being unresponsive

Do you have that one co-worker that you like but simply can't tolerate his or her habits?  Or do you just miss your co-workers so much that you don't even care anymore?

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