Class 11AA was split into two separate classes back in 2013, and each year we take a look at the cross-class games to see how big of a discrepancy we have.

This season a total of 17 cross-class games were played between the Class 11AAA and Class 11AA teams. It was a very strong year for the top of the class in 11AAA, while the bottom teams in 11AAA struggled against the 11AA schools. Overall, Class 11AAA finished 11-6 against Class 11AA this year.

Roosevelt, O'Gorman, Watertown, and Washington all had a minimum of two wins against 11AA schools. Brandon Valley, Rapid City Central, and Rapid City Stevens each won their only game played against the other class.

Lincoln and Aberdeen Central struggled this season as both teams lost a combined five games against Class 11AA.

Brookings was the only team in 11AA to have a winning record this season against 11AAA schools. The Bobcats finished 2-1 overall in the cross-class games with wins over Watertown and Lincoln, and a loss to Washington. Pierre and Huron both split games this year, while Yankton and Harrisburg both went 1-2. Mitchell, Sturgis, and Spearfish lost every game to higher class teams.

Douglas was the only team in Class 11AA that did not have to play against any 11AAA school. They finished 0-9 this season.

AAA vs. AAScore AAAScore AA
Roosevelt vs. Pierre3934
Roosevelt vs. Yankton3522
O'Gorman vs. Harrisburg3215
O'Gorman vs. Huron419
Brandon Valley vs. Yankton349
Washington vs. Mitchell4912
Washington vs. Brookings277
Watertown vs. Mitchell4019
Watertown vs. Harrisburg3533
Watertown vs. Brookings1427
RC Central vs. Sturgis5427
Lincoln vs. Yankton2330
Lincoln vs. Brookings721
Aberdeen vs. Huron1525
Aberdeen vs. Harrisburg2123
Aberdeen vs. Pierre030
RC Stevens vs. Spearfish666
Total Points532349
Average Points Per Game3121


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