It's not what any farmer or rancher wants to see: a young, valuable calf limping out in the pasture. Now, imagine that same calf is officially diagnosed with a broken leg.

Now what do you do?

Years ago, that might have meant an early trip to the locker, but technology and techniques have changed.

My friend Dan and I were driving through their family herd over the July 4th holiday and noticed one of the youngest calves in the herd had an interesting apparatus attached to it's hind leg. I thought that was interesting and Dan told me that the leg is broken.


I was under the assumption that a broken leg is kind of a death sentence for a calf, but I guess it's not. Dan's son Brady hauled the calf to Northwest Veterinary and Supply's Wagner location and the vet set the cast. It's configured as to hold the calves leg straight back for about 3 weeks. If all goes well, this little rascal will turn into a big rascal.

JD Collins via Sprint/Sioux Falls

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