The Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based company Aerostar got caught up in the spy-balloon tracking over the weekend.

A suspected Chinese spy balloon was discovered in the skies over Montana last week. By Saturday the craft had drifted to the east coast of the United States, where it was shot down by a fighter jet, fell into the ocean, and was recovered.

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Sioux Falls-Based Company's Balloon Mistaken For Chinese Spy Craft

While the suspected spy the balloon wandered over North America, another balloon, made by Aerostar, briefly became the target of many concerned observers.

Fox Business reports that a research balloon called HBAL617 caused a stir on the flight tracking site FlightRadar24 before being identified as not that Chinese balloon. The not-Chinese balloon was tracked over the southeast US.

Aerostar told Reuters that the craft is a Thunderhead Ballon that was launched from New Mexico and is now over the southeastern US.

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