Time is running out if you want to hunt the fastest land mammal in North America.

The deadline for online applications for the 2019 antelope season in South Dakota is this week. You have until 8:00 am on Wednesday August 14 to get your application done.

Applications can be done on the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks website. Most of the units for antelope are West River with the exception of four units in the north central portion of the state.

I've been buying points for the last 3 years so I'm pretty much guaranteed my tag of choice, though there is a small chance of whiffing.

I have never hunted antelope (technically they are called pronghorn). But I have seen them a lot hunting in the central and western portions of South Dakota. Watching all those white butts hauling ass across wide open prairie is cool to see. It's probably a lot less cool to see when you are trying to sneak up on them. I can't wait to go.

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