This cancellation could be a tough pill to swallow if your heart bleeds blue and yellow.  Can you take a wild guess why this major Homecoming celebration for SDSU is not happening?

Yep...COVID-19 strikes again.

South Dakota State University announced on Wednesday that the 2020 Hobo Day Parade will not happen this year.  Dakota News Now is reporting this is only the university's third time cancelling the event since it started in 1912.

Ideally, this would have been a great year for the annual parade since it landed on Halloween.  This was not an easy decision for the organizers of the parade.  However, they feel like it's the right choice because it would be too difficult to practice social distancing.  Matilyn Kerr, SDSU Program Advisor for University Traditions, tells Dakota News Now, "It’s very hard to track attendance at the Hobo Day Parade. The unknown nature of that posed a lot of safety and health concerns in putting on the event."

This parade alone draws in thousands of Jackrabbit alumni to the downtown Brookings area.  The owner of Pints & Quarts, Kevin Raab, explains to Dakota News Now that he and other local establishments understand why the Hobo Day Parade is canceled.  However, he knows that this could potentially be a huge loss for businesses in Brookings.  “(The) loss of business will hurt, but if it’s to keep everyone safe and you know it seems like the responsible thing to do and it was probably the right decision. It might hurt a little financially, but there are more important things right now,” states Kevin Rabb.

I know Jackrabbit Nation is disappointed to hear this news, especially the Class of 2021.  However, there is a light at the end of this never-ending tunnel.  The organizers of the Hobo Day Parade are currently planning out an alternative celebration.  This announcement will be made in mid-Septemeber.  Stay tuned.

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