After Sony showcased the PlayStation 4 at a private event a few months ago, the company has been rather quiet about its upcoming next generation console. On Thursday however, Sony broke its silence, and delivered a new video detailing what makes the new DualShock 4 controller so special.

While most of the DualShock 4's core is shared with the existing DualShock model we've all come to know, there are some new features that truly bring the controller into the next generation. In this latest video, some of Sony's developers discuss all these updated doodads and widgets like the Share button, touch pad, and the light bar, and what makes them so necessary to the next-gen experience Sony has planned.

It's nice to see a closer look at the controller, but we'll be more excited when we're allowed to go hands-on with the console ourselves. Check out the video below, and give us your thoughts on the DualShock 4 in the comments.

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