You name it, someone has probably thought of it, or will by the time you try and get a patent.  I thought of something super cool once.  A battery warmer... for your car.  I thought hey- if your battery is warm, your car will start a lot easier, right?  Why not get a sort of blanket for it on a cold night?  Yep- someone else had already thought of a battery warmer.

So, sliced ketchup.  There was/is a kickstarter campaign to get this deal funded.  I'm not sure why this is necessary.  They say it's great for on the go... but you can't dip your fries in it, can you?  No.  I really see no need for it, but here is their plea.

This idea even made it to Shark Tank.  This is a video of the "as seen on Shark Tank" deal.

The only time I think this would be a good deal is maybe in the car with kids? In space?  'Cuz you know, that happens on a regular basis.  Maybe some other place where you don't want the chance of making a mess.  But there is no way this can work for dipping.  It would be "wrap your fries in this ketchup blanket".  Hey, did I just think of an advertising campaign?  No.  No I did not.

Sold on this weird thing yet?  No?  Me neither.  How is this really any different than a fruit roll-up?  Maybe they should get with those people and see if they want to branch out into the world of sliced ketchup?  Sounds like a capital idea to me.

Until then... I'll stick with the regular bottle ketchup.


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