Authorities are looking for answers as to who left a bunch of tires on a road in Minnesota.

Who leaves a bunch of tires on a road? Well, that is exactly the question that the Forest Lake Police Department is trying to answer. They shared a photo on their Facebook page of over 10 tires just laying on the road.

However, according to their post, someone dumped about 146 tires along the 18000 block of Forest Rd North, South on Forest Rd to 180th Street, then West on 180th Street to Fenway Ave North.

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That's a lot of tires, which makes one question if it was an accident or not. The post went on to say that most of the tires were located in the roadway and it appears they were dumped from a moving vehicle as it drove down the road.

The Police Department reminded people that not only is this extremely dangerous, but it's also illegal. Officers kept the area safe from vehicles running into the tires until Public Works employees arrived to clean up the mess.

They are still looking for the individual or individuals involved. If you have any information regarding this incident, you are asked to please call the Washington County Dispatch Center (911 if you are in Forest Lake, 651-439-9381 outside of Forest Lake) and ask to speak to a Forest Lake officer.

Check out the post below:

I've seen some interesting things on the roadway and on the side of the road in my day, but I don't know what I'd say if I saw  over 100 tires just laying on the road. I think from my favorite comment was someone asking if they could use the tires for their goats to play with.

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