With so many of us now working from home, South Dakota schools canceled until at least May, and more and more people practicing social distancing, the question becomes, what can people do to help break up the boredom created by the COVID-19 pandemic?

How about a good old fashioned bear hunt?

Dakota News Now is reporting that an idea spawned on social media is really starting to take off in neighborhoods all over the Sioux Empire. People are now placing bears and other stuffed animals in the windows of homes, apartments, and businesses all around Sioux Falls.

These "bear hunts" are designed to bring a little cheer and help to provide a boredom buster for all of us as we continue to deal with the impact the coronavirus outbreak has on our daily lives.

According to Dakota News Now, Sioux Falls residents are using the bear hunts as a fun activity for children and families to take part in. Parents are encouraging their children to keep a watchful eye out for bears and other stuffed animals in windows as they go on walks or drives throughout the town.  

Do you have any critters in your windows yet? If so, let's see them. Send us a pic via our mobile app or post a few photos on our Facebook page. We would love to see some examples of the bear hunts going on in your neighborhoods.

Source: Dakota News Now

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