Some of my gym friends are just the coolest.

If you went to the gym regularly, then you are probably having a hard time getting your workouts in from home.

For me, it is especially hard because I love going to the classes. I like the inspiration I get from the instructors and my fellow classmates. There are always days that I want to skip the gym, but my gym friends hold me accountable. Then there are times I think I'm going to just go through the motions, but then I see someone else in class really giving it their all and then I feel like a shmuck so I try harder.

Plus, I'm just a social person so I like seeing my gym friends.

Well, I wasn't the only one that felt that way, so a few of my gym friends put together a little outdoor, front lawn Zumba!

It was great to see my gym friends and get a good workout in! Plus, the weather was beautiful that day.

It was just the boost I needed!

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