With all the precipitation we've been getting lately in and around the Sioux Empire, the mosquito population is really beginning to grow.

I know this first hand after spending a great deal of time outside over the weekend. Needless to say, I ended up being a Shoney's breakfast buffet for these little blood suckers.

So, I am very thankful to hear that Sioux Falls has started to ramp up its mosquito control efforts.

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Spraying is now underway...

As Dakota News Now reports, on Tuesday night, (June 14), Sioux Falls began spraying for mosquitoes in Zones 7, 9, and 18.

You should know that the city recently redefined some of the various spraying zones. You can now check out this interactive map put together by the Sioux Falls Health Department to determine what zone you live in.

Regarding future sprayings, Dakota News Now reports the city will follow a phased-response guideline created by the CDC to determine when future spray events and other treatments are needed. All planned treatments will be subject to weather conditions.

Wanna know when the city plans to spray the zone you live in?

Simply sign up to receive spray notifications via text message. Just text the word SPRAY to 888-777.

Sioux Falls Mosquito Spraying Zones
City of Sioux Falls

Good news...

If you frequent the Sioux Falls bike trails, the Health Department will be focusing its mosquito control efforts there as well. Bike trail sprayings are scheduled to take place one to two times a week. Either during the early morning hours between 3 AM to 7 AM or in the evening between 10 PM to 1 AM.

According to Dakota News Now, the city of Sioux Falls is now using the product Aqua- Reslin for its spraying treatments. Products like Aqua-Reslin, are designed to break down in the environment quickly and are used in very low concentrations.

Aqua-Reslin is an EPA-approved product and is often used in residential areas for adult mosquito control.

Remember, the city has set up an automated Mosquito Reporting Hotline that residents can use to report mosquito problems or standing water. That number is 605-367-8799.

Source: Dakota News Now


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