Sioux Falls Police are trying to find a man who was committing a lewd act in his car Monday afternoon in central Sioux Falls.

"I think there was some problems with the streets in that area (drainage issues or something)," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens.

"A woman had reported the problem to the city. She saw a vehicle that was parked outside and it had been there for awhile. The woman thought maybe that could be a city worker. She went outside to talk to the man about these issues. When she walked up to the vehicle, she saw the man masturbating inside the car."

Clemens says that's when the woman took pictures of the car's license plate.

"We have a description of the car and license plate of the suspect. The suspect left in a big hurry. But, we did find out he is not employed by the city. We are still looking for this guy."

Clemens isn't sure why the suspect was doing what he was doing in that neighborhood.

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