Chants of "Stop the Steal" could be heard over the weekend from Donald Trump supporters in one of Sioux Falls most popular city parks.

A "Stop the Steal" protest took place on Saturday afternoon (January 2) in Terrace Park, with roughly about 100 protesters in attendance.

According to Dakota News Now, South Dakota Speaker of the House Steven Haugaard was one of the people in attendance at the rally to show his support for the current President.

The 100 or so people on hand all shared one common belief, the results of the November election were fraudulent and do not reflect the true will of the American people.

The purpose of Saturday's event was designed to allow Trump supporters to gather for a few hours in the park in a show of unity to let their voices be heard in a peaceful manner.

Several Sioux Falls Police officers were also in attendance that afternoon to help ensure the protest didn't get out of hand.

According to Dakota News Now, the "Stop the Steal" rally was intended to run until 3 PM that afternoon but wrapped up early as counter-protesters began to show up on scene to take part.

The entire event ended up being non-violent in nature.

Source: Dakota News Now

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