People who like to keep an eye on the night sky will be treated to another celestial event this weekend.

On the evening of Sunday, (May 15), those of us here in North America get to witness the next total lunar eclipse or blood moon as some people like to call it. As the moon will turn red throughout the event.

Mother Nature willing, and the way the forecast looks at the moment, she will cooperate, we here in Sioux Falls should get to witness the full Flower moon as it moves into the earth's shadow for over 5 hours.

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According to the gang at the website TimeandDate, the lunar eclipse will begin here in the Sioux Empire around 8:33 PM.

  • A partial eclipse with the moon beginning to turn red will start around 9:27 PM.
  • The total eclipse itself begins at 10:29 PM. At that time, the moon should have a full orangiest, red appearance.
  • The maximum eclipse happens around 11:11 PM that evening. That will be the mid-point of the eclipse. During that time, the moon will be closest to the center of Earth's shadow.
  • The total eclipse will conclude around 1:50 AM on Monday, (May 16) as the moon exits Earth's shadow.

All and all, the duration of this celestial event will be roughly 5 hours and 18 minutes long for those of us here in Sioux Falls and throughout South Dakota. Allowing for plenty of viewing time for stargazers of all ages to get what should be a pretty good celestial show.

By the way, if you miss this one, you'll get another chance to catch a total lunar eclipse again this fall. Make sure to mark (November 8) on your calendar. That is the date for the next total lunar eclipse in North America.

Source: TimeandDate


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