If you happen to be in the rears paying your utility bills here in Sioux Falls, you should probably consider making plans to settle up with utility companies soon, because the city of Sioux Falls will soon be reinstating utility service disconnections again.

Dakota News Now is reporting the City of Sioux Falls announced on Friday (August 14) they no longer plan to waive disconnections and late fees for residents in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the report, as of Tuesday (September 1), the city will restart the utility disconnect process for nonpayment of city-owned utilities.

If your utility bills are currently delinquent, be advised, the city of Sioux Falls Utility Billing Department has plans to work with those who have been financially impacted, and continue to be financially impacted by the pandemic.

Dakota News Now reports that Sioux Empire residents who may need to establish some kind of payment plan or other arrangements for overdue utility bills should call 605-367-8131.

Source: Dakota News Now

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