Have you ever thanked a teacher? One Sioux Falls teacher is hearing praises from parents and colleagues.

KDLT's Rebecca David shares the story of Stefanie Hage, a Sioux Falls third grade teacher who has been honored.

“When I figured out that this was how my classroom was going to look. I thought wow, this is awesome, “says One of her students Hannah Nesdahl.

Hage is a 3rd-grade teacher at John Harris Elementary is the 2017 “Teacher of the Year.” She received the award Monday night from the Sioux Falls School District.

“I feel very fortunate that our district and our community recognizes what we as teachers do in our classroom every day, “says Hage.

Hage was one of five finalists to be selected out of 70 nominees. She also received a $4,000 check from Vern Eide.

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