There is no doubt that downtown Sioux Falls has become a mecca over the years for a variety of reasons, not the least of which, is the amazing Sculpture Walk that morphs and changes every summer season.

This year is presenting unique obstacles to every norm we've ever known and our beloved Sculpture Walk is no exception. Due to the bewildering circumstances we find ourselves in currently, Sculpture Walk will also have a shelter-in-place component to it this year.

That does not mean that there won't be new sculptures. Quite the contrary. There will be 15 new sculptures in this year's installation, but the remainder will be favorites that will be carried over from last year's exhibition.

The goal is to have the new sculptures in place by June 6. According to Jeff Hanson from Sculpture Walk, their objectives this year are, "to respect the safety of our artists and volunteers and to maintain the highest quality program in the country for our artists, sponsors, visitors and everyone who calls Sioux Falls home".

In case you've forgotten how wonderful Sculpture Walk is, here is a reminder:

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