The school board election for Sioux Falls public schools is Tuesday June 6th.  Bev Chase, with election services for Sioux Falls Public schools says there are ten polling sites and you can vote at any one of them, as they’ll be signing voters in with e-poll books, rather than the large paper print outs.  The votes will be counted manually, saving the school system $14,000.  Polling stations will be open from 7:00 AM till 7:00 PM. Chase expects to have the final county by 10:00 PM the same day.

When you arrive at the polling station, volunteers will find your registration digitally; have you sign on the tablet and vote.  Bring your ID, which can be a driver’s license, state issues ID, current student ID, tribal ID or Federal employee ID. Should you not have an ID, you can also sign an affidavit and still vote.

The e-poll books are all new this election, as the previous company supplying the previous poll books no longer does business in South Dakota.

Vote at any of the locations:

  • First Lutheran Church 327 S Dakota Ave
  • Memorial Middle School 1401 S Sertoma Ave
  • McGovern Middle School 6221 W Maple St
  • Roosevelt High School 6600 W 41st St
  • Edison Middle School 2101 S West Ave
  • Whittier Middle School 930 E 6th St
  • Washington High School 501 N Sycamore Ave
  • Lincoln High School 2900 S Cliff Ave
  • Faith Baptist Fellowship Church 601 W 57th St
  • Instructional Planning Center 201 E 38th St

Chase says taking time to vote is important for our children and community.  “I think the school board election is very important to everyone because you’re voting about your children, your grandchildren and the commodity is your tax dollars.  Those are two very important to most people and you need to come out and voice your opinion in order for us to hear what you want us to do and then the board will take action on what their constituency tells them. This is your election and you get to make your voice known.”


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