A Sioux Falls resident was scammed out of $2,000 after receiving calls from a scammer. The suspect on the phone claimed that jury duty had been missed and fines needed to be paid to avoid arrest. The 59-year-old resident was instructed to pay via pre-paid credit cards.

Police are issuing the reminder that no law enforcement in the country ask for or accept pre-paid credit cards as a form of payment. Officer Sam Clemens advises that much communication takes place with potential jurors prior to legal proceedings, and there would not be a call of this nature as the first point of contact. If you receive a call saying you’ve missed jury duty, the best thing to do is hang up and contact law enforcement directly.

After contacting law enforcement, the Better Business Bureau is another resource to connect with.  Not only can you report scams to notify others of recent trends, but also discover what other scam attempts are being made the area.




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