Sioux Falls Pride had a big hit when they hosted a Drag Brunch back in June as part of the Pride festivities. So, why not do it again?

This past weekend was the Hallow Queen Drag Brunch. Love the name.

The event took place at the Icon Lounge and the food was provided by M.B. Haskett.

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What can I say? I love a good theme. #sufupride Hallow Queen Drag Brunch was fabulous. #sundayfunday @sufupride

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Speaking of the food, it was so hard to pick an entree. The main options were biscuits and gravy or huevos rancheros. I chose the huevos rancheros, but luckily a friend at my table let me try his biscuits and gravy. Both were delicious. My only criticism was I wanted more. Obviously, there were mimosas and bloody marys at the bar as well as coffee!  Then, for dessert, there was homemade apple crisp with fresh whipped cream!

I may have had two apple crisps. Here's the deal though, two girls were sitting at our table and then they were gone for a very long time. The show was over and their apple crisp was sitting there all lonely and wanting someone to eat it, so I did. Don't @ me.

Fabulous food and fabulous entertainment! The drag queens delivered as always and provided a great show. This is my second drag brunch, and I'm still getting used to a drag show when the sun is out. But day or night, these girls know how to work!


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