Two Georgia men are behind bars in connection with a bogus check cashing scheme in Sioux Falls.

"These guys are out from of town," according to Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens. "They would come into Sioux Falls and find some homeless or transient people. They would basically talk them into cashing some fraudulent checks."

"The people didn't know they sere fraudulent. They were told to go into banks to cash these checks and come back, giving the bulk of the money into their handlers who would then give them a small amount of money and buy lunch or something like that."

Clemens says the suspects were in the process of finding people to cash the phony checks.

"We were able to arrest them for the forgery charges before they were able to cash any checks. We found out they had some room rented. There was some evidence of manufacturing checks there. We got these two men off the streets and we are still looking to see if there are others in the area."

Clemens identified the men as 22-year-old Davon Homes and 23-year-old Bashir Geidi.

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