The Sioux Falls Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying a suspicious person seen attempting to open doors on cars and houses in Sioux Falls.

Friday (July 29) the SFPD said the department received information of a suspicious subject walking through a neighborhood in Southeast Sioux Falls. The person was seen trying to open doors on houses and cars. The police say that there haven’t been any reports of the subject getting inside anything.

See pictures of the subject below.

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"At this point, the reported locations have been in the area north of 49th Street between Cliff Avenue and Bahnson Avenue extending the boundaries of Tuthill Park and Pasley Park," the SFPD said in a statement.

The Sioux Falls Police Department is interested in identifying this subject. If you have information as to who this person is, please contact them at either 605-367-7000 or through Crimestoppers at 605-367-7007 or through the P3 app.

See How East 10th Street in Sioux Falls Has Changed

It's really interesting using Google Streetview to compare the changes from the earliest pictures to the latest.

For Sioux Falls, the earliest views are from 2008 and the latest from early 2022.

Some of the looks aren't the clearest, but it still gives a real good look at how dynamic the east side of Sioux Falls is.

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