Sioux Falls police report all three children have been located. The three missing kids ran away from home early Friday morning in the frigid cold weather. Authorities told Dakota News Now that all three children have now been found healthy and safe.


It's time for the people of the Sioux Empire to band together again, this time, to help keep a watchful eye out for three children who have recently run away from home.

Dakota News Now is reporting all the three kids are believed to still be together and are not dressed properly for the severely cold weather conditions predicted over the Sioux Empire the next few days.

At this time, the Sioux Falls Police Department is searching for 14-year-old Cynthia Bluehorse, 13-year-old Gladys Locke, and 12-year-old Paiden Whipple. All three kids were reported missing to authorities on Friday (February 5).

According to Dakota News Now, Bluehorse was last seen wearing a gray pullover, light blue jeans, white shoes, and she has a nose ring. Locke was reported wearing a black sweater, light jeans, and black slippers at the time she went missing, and Whipple was last spotted wearing a black Nike hooded sweatshirt with orange letters, black pants, and shoes.

Should you happen to spot any of these kids or have information that can help lead to their whereabouts, police ask that you please contact Metro Communications at 605-367-7000 or dial 911 immediately.

Source: Dakota News Now

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