If you were in a wet situation that called for the need of sandbags you're not alone. No matter how many you grabbed from the pile the city of Sioux Falls assembled you now have the chore of getting rid of them. Or not.

According to the city of Sioux Falls you have several options on how to manage them. People living in flood-prone areas may want to store their sandbags for future use. Sandbags can also be opened and the sand used on the owner’s property.

Empty sandbags can be placed in the garbage.

Now if you want someone else to get use out of your sandbags and are willing and strong enough, the city has also opened three sandbag collection locations for disposal of sandbags:

  • Riverdale Park parking lot—2000 East 24th Street
  • Tomar Park parking lot—100 West Twin Oaks Road
  • Sherman Park parking lot—2705 West 12th Street

The drop-off locations will open daily 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturday, March 30 and continue through April 13

While the parks used for these drop-off locations remain closed to the public the parking lots are open for use as sandbag collection locations.

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