The city of Sioux Falls is currently tackling the process of neighborhood speed reduction within local suburban neighborhoods; however, the process originally began on May 18 of this year.

Residents within the neighborhood of West Stoney Creek will be the first neighborhood where the project will take place. Homeowners in the area were sent a letter that stated the speed reductions will "further enhance the quality of life for the Sioux Falls Community."

Below is a picture of that letter which is signed by both the City's Business Manager and the Environmental/Storm Water Manager.

Credit: Logan Landsem

In conjunction with the letter, inside the envelope was a diagram of what the city hopes to accomplish within the West Stoney Creek neighborhood:

Credit: Logan Landsem

With the addition of delineator bump-outs, the city hopes crossing in between high traffic intersections will become safer for pedestrians. An example of this can also be seen in the enlarged red circle above.

The delineator bump-outs are white in color and are reflective at night. The bump-outs are made of a plastic material which has been implanted within the assault of the road.

These delineator bump-outs are close to the sidewalk which can make, in my opinion, turning around the corner near the bump-outs a bit difficult for a vehicle to maneuver around.

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