A Sioux Falls man was arrested after police received a report of a naked man taking pictures of himself next to his car.

"There was a gentleman near North First and Sherman Avenue that neighborhood residents saw taking the pictures. He was not wearing clothes," according to Police Captain Loren McManus.

"Our officers got to the location and found the vehicle. He did have clothes on at that time. After conducting their investigation and talking to witnesses they had enough probable cause to make the arrest for the indecent exposure charge."

McManus says that's not the only charge.

"Shortly after being in jail, he had made a complaint to the jail staff that he had been assaulted. The officers went back to investigate that part of it. His story wasn't very complete. After viewing evidence, it was determined he had caused an injury to himself while in the confines of the jail. The charge of false reporting was added to his charges."

The investigation is continuing.

"We were able to keep his cellphone. We will do a search warrant on that to see what kind of images were contained if any are left behind. He was not forthcoming about information why he was taking pictures while naked by his car."

McManus identifies the man as 23-year-old Brandon Christman.

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