A Sioux Falls resident's day could have been dramatically different if it was not for the quick thinking of two City of Sioux Falls employees who ultimately saved this resident's life.

As Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken explains in a touching Facebook post, not all heroes wear capes. This statement could not ring more true thanks to city workers Chris and Brandon.

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It was a typical October day for City of Sioux Falls employees Chris and Brandon as they were about to start their normal sweeping routine. The rest of the story is something that an individual never hopes to witness. Mayor TenHaken describes in his Facebook post Chris and Brandon’s heroic deed:

 Noticed a person standing on the outside of the handrail over the top of the spillway off 4th Street. Both Brandon and Chris stopped the sweepers and surrounded the individual on either side of the bridge. Chris dialed 911 to inform police of a potential jumper while Brandon talked to the individual trying to jump. After a conversation and expressing the value of life to this person they were able to talk the gentleman into climbing over the rail onto the walking path of the bridge. Chris and Brandon continued to talk to this gentleman until the police were able to show up. They found this person had been going to the same location contemplating suicide for a week straight. He claimed over that period that no one had stopped to check on him.

Chris and Brandon stepped in to help this stranger when no one else appeared to do so.  This resident was clearly experiencing great despair. Chris and Brandon could have continued on with their work schedule. Instead, they chose to stop a stranger from committing a horrible act of desperation. Chris and Brandon’s selflessness and compassion certainly deserved to be recognized.

Sioux Falls Mayor TenHaken took a moment to recognize Chris and Brandon for their bravery during a time of crisis.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental illness, please contact the 211 Helpline Center or NAMI South Dakota. They have trained professionals and support staff standing by to assist you even when things seem hopeless.  No one has to fight alone.


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