Sioux Falls Police are searching for a suspect who robbed a man who responded to a Craigslist ad wanting to buy a cell phone.

"The seller ended up pulling out a gun and took the victim's cell phone and the victim's cash," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens.

"The description we have of the suspect---he is a black man in his thirties with shoulder length dreadlocks. There is really no other description other than that. The victim was not injured."

If you're wanting to buy or sell an item, Clemens says make sure you meet in a safe place to finalize the deal.

"We see this type of thing pop up occasionally. Thankfully it's not very common. We let people know they can come to the lobby of the Sioux Falls Police Department when it's open and available to make these exchanges. It's one safe place they can do that. Hopefully, they wouldn't have go worry about someone pulling out a gun and robbing them."

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