An officer patrolling an area west of Downtown Sioux Falls discovered a man fleeing an attack which could be characterized as an ambush.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says it happened shortly after midnight Friday morning in the 400 block of South Summit Avenue.

“He saw a guy walk out of an apartment building. He had been cut in the face, the hand, and had a stab wound to his back which actually punctured his lung. Sounds like he had met up with a woman that he knows and he went to a basement apartment. He was jumped by three other guys.”

The officer tried to assist the injured man when he saw someone run away from the scene. Clemens explains how the suspect was discovered.

“Somebody heard a noise from a different building in the 500 block of South Summit Avenue. There’s a vacant apartment and somebody broke a window and entered that apartment. That was one of the suspects. He had blood on him and on his shoes.”

Injuries to the 26-year old victim did require hospitalization, but Clemens believes the wounds are not life-threatening. Police arrested a 38-year old suspect from Sioux Falls for aggravated assault, robbery, and unlawful occupancy. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The search continues for the other suspects.


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