Another Sioux Falls resident has fallen victim to the convincing tactics of a scammer.

Dakota News Now is reporting this time a phone scammer has prayed upon a 25-year-old Sioux Falls man.

The report states the victim received a call from a scammer on Friday (December 4). The scammer was posing as a DEA agent claiming the victim's social security card had been compromised. In addition, the suspect also informed the victim he had an outstanding warrant for money laundering and drug trafficking.

The scammer told the victim the quickest way to resolve the issue was to send money through gift cards.

According to Dakota News Now, that is exactly what the victim ended up doing. To the tune of $4,200 via eight different Target gift cards.

Again, authorities want to remind residents to be mindful of potential phone scams around the holidays and throughout the year.

Government and law enforcement agencies never ask citizens to resolve outstanding legal matters by sending money via gift cards and wire transfers.

Should you ever receive a suspicious call like the one in this story. Hang up immediately and notify the authorities with the details.

Source: Dakota News Now

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