Sioux Falls Police say a local man faces soliciting charges after he sent inappropriate pictures to a 14 year old girl. Those pictures were found by the girl's father.

"This was an 18-year-old male that knew a 14-year-old girl. The two of them struck up a conversation. They were texting back and forth. At some point they were sending some pictures. The man had sent some pictures in different stages of undress of himself. The girl had sent some pictures back. She was clothed," explained Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"It turns out she had gotten in some trouble. Dad took away her phone and happened to look through it. He saw these conversations," continued Clemens. "They really were inappropriate and were sexual in nature. He called police. Once we investigated the 18 year old was arrested for solicitation of a minor."

Clemens offers this advice for the parents of teenagers.

"Teens are always texting. Parents need to keep an eye on those conversations that are taking place. Make sure they are appropriate and they are with people they know instead of adult strangers. You really have to monitor those conversations."

Clemens identified the man as Atom Umthrey of Sioux Falls.

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