One day you think you got away with stealing a generator from a construction site. Then you get caught because it had a GPS tracker.

A Sioux Falls man has been arrested after he was found in possession of a generator stolen from a construction site, as well as a stolen all-terrain vehicle.

According to Dakota News Now, fifty-six year old Larry Durst of Sioux Falls is looking at charges for possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen vehicle.

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The generator had been stolen from a construction site on Sunday night, according to Sioux Falls police spokesman Sam Clemens. The victim of the theft had a GPS tracker inside the generator and called police to tell them that it was located at a residence near north Cliff Avenue and east Benson Road.

Durst explained that a friend had dropped off the generator, but while police were still there, they discovered an ATV on the property that had also been reported stolen. That was when Mr. Durst was taken into custody.

GPS trackers are a pretty handy tool to find stuff if it is stolen. Tracking devices like this can be had for around fifty bucks on Amazon with a monthly service fee of twenty bucks. It isn't something I would have any particular use for but  with as much theft as there is on construction sites, it's a must have for any easily moved equipment.

In case you didn't know, the key tag trackers you see are not run on GPS or mobile internet service. They just use Bluetooth or other RF signals to and you mobile device to help you find it. That's something I could use for sure. My keys need one badly.

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