Even from a parent’s perspective, the Little League World Series run for the Sioux Falls team has the characteristics of a whirlwind.

Steve Phillips has been mesmerized by the team’s accomplishments thus far with his son Marcus being a solid contributor. During the regional competition, Steve says there were some early nerves.

“When they started the game you could see them go back to that mode where they’re just playing a game. You don’t notice that kids were nervous the night before or even prior to the game. They’re just out playing a game and competition just allows them to be themselves and play.”

As part of the event, Sioux Falls has been paired with a team from the Dominican Republic. Steve says that combination adds to the memories for both squads.

“There’s a lot of attempted communication, but they don’t really understand each other. Boys are laughing and giggling, using body language and sign language that they make up to try to have conversation with each other. It’s been quite an experience for these guys and they haven’t even played a game yet.”

Steve is currently the Director of the Sanford POWER Baseball Academy but previously played professional baseball.

Sioux Falls will challenge Greenville, North Carolina in their first round game on Friday night.

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