October is a great month to adopt, a four-legged member of the family that is. Specifically, a new feline member of your family.

KDLT News is reporting the Sioux Falls Humane Society is currently running a special cat adoption initiative called "Purrs & Pumpkins." During the month of October certain cats are available for a reduced adoption fee.

Cat adoptions will typically run a person between $65.00 and $85.00. While Purrs & Pumpkins is running, you can adopt your next little sweetie for $25.00.

According to KDLT News, the humane society has roughly 150 cats available for adoption at the present time. 50 of those four-legged friends are available for the reduced adoption fee during the Purrs & Pumpkins initiative.

Meghan McNeill, with the Sioux Falls Humane Society told KDLT News, “Every summer is busy with cats so we’re just trying to find these guys homes. It is an adoption event to promote the cats that have been here over a hundred days.”

All of the cats available for adoption are up-to-date with their vaccinations. However, not all the animals are fixed. McNeill says, some cats go within hours of being in the humane society, and others can stay for longer than a year. Kittens always seem to get adopted faster than adults.

The Humane Society's Purrs & Pumpkins program runs the entire month of October.

Source: KDLT TV

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