Sioux Falls Police say a home burglary took place this week after a man gained access from an unlocked door.

"It was actually a neighbor who saw a man wandering around and thought it looked out of the ordinary. He tried to talk to the guy. The man said he didn't need any help. The man then disappeared behind the neighbor's house," said Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"The homeowners saw some odd things. They found a pair of boots inside the house that didn't belong to anybody.That's when they figured out someone was inside the house. It turns out the back door wasn't locked. That's how this man was able to get inside. The officers were able to find him nearby. He was arrested for burglary."

Clemens says the home burglary might have been prevented if the door was locked.

"There were some mechanical issues and the door couldn't be locked. It's important to make sure all doors are locked day and night. If a lock doesn't work, get it fixed. There are people out there who will check doors. it doesn't matter if it's a house, garage or a car. If it's unlocked there's going to be somebody who will find their way inside and help themselves to whatever they want to."

If you move into a new residence, home safety experts recommend you change the locks immediately.

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