If you had one of those green posts from Vast Broadband in your yard, there's a good chance Vast recently swapped it out with a flush mount vault that is far less inconspicuous looking.

Vast agreed to do this after a number of Sioux Empire residents complained to the city that these green posts started appearing in their yards without their consent and without any prior communication from the company.

The city of Sioux Falls appears to be satisfied with the progress made by Vast in making things right with residents because it just finished re-instating construction permits for the company. The new permits clear the way for Vast to resume its three-year $60 million dollar fiber-optic expansion plan that will start up again in September.

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Chief Commercial Officer for Vast Broadband, Jeff Seidenfaden, told Dakota News Now, “We are thrilled to be able to restart construction and to illustrate to the Sioux Falls community that we not only hear you but have also taken significant action to earn your trust moving forward. We fell short of expectations initially, but we hope that this design change not only meets but exceeds expectations of what a community partner is capable of in terms of customer service.”

Once work ramps up again on the fiber-optic upgrade project, Vast promises that residents will begin to see much better communication from the company should work be scheduled to be done in your yard and neighborhood.

According to Dakota News Now, the company plans on sending residents affected a postcard or letter in the mail. In some cases, door tags and even yard signs will be left at homes where work needs to be conducted.

The various forms of communication will explain what is happening and provide a method of contact to obtain further information on the planned project.

Source: Dakota News Now

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